European Voluntary Service

Timothée Gouraud

European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a long-term volunteer experience abroad. It enables young people aged 17 to 30 years to live up to 12 months in another country providing their service in a non-profit organization. The European Voluntary Service is funded by the European Commission within the Youth in Action Program and aims to improve young people’s skills.

Our EVS volunteers who pursue the program that the association develop can also work on their own ideas and projects within the prepared program.

You can have a look at the blog that our volunteers created.

Our volunteers who joined the projects with European Voluntary Service: 

Açelya Sakarya – “Act for Change” – Forum Theatre with children and youths, South Africa, 2011

Umut İncesu – “Oficina Jove” – Cultural dialog events and creative works with children and young people, Spain, 2011

Şebnem Kassap – “Active, Responsible, Creative – EVS Volunteer II” – The workshops with the children in the kindergarten, Poland, 2011

Habibe Mustafa – APSAH,  works for the social integration of disabled people, France, 2015

Esra Aydemir – Junta Freguesia Ermesinde, creative works for children, Portugal, 2017

Volunteers who worked in Atolye Deneme through European Voluntary Service:

Timothée Gouraud: He came from France to work in our project entitled Izmir Connection. He did graffiti works in and around Izmir. He gave French and English lessons to our students during his 6 months of stay. They did graphic works, bag and t-shirt design and prepared a comics journal together.

Timothée Gouraud-atolye deneme 1

Federica Di Mauro: She participated us from Italy to work in our project entitled Art Connection. She did various art works with our students including photography and stop motion. They did knitting and different DIY works together. They did a comparative work about supermarkets and open markets, also practiced making their own food and related products at home. She also gave Italian and English lessons to our students during 6 months.

Federica Di Mauro

Efklia Pan: She came from Greece and worked on our project entitled Art Connection to produce art works with our students. They did short films and photography works and t-shirt designs together. They worked on the plantation of seasonal vegetables. They also did workshops and participated events on LGBT rights. She gave Greek and Italian lessons to our students during 6 months.

Cristina Ribex: She came from Italy to work on our project entitled Green Connection. She did research on working systems in Tangala Farm and Agrida Farms, remigration from cities to villages and the relation between urban people and land. She worked with peasants on their lands in Gödence village in Seferihisar, did interviews with them. She also did photography works and participated workshops and events on art and environment around Izmir with our students. She gave Italian and English lessons to our students during 6 months.